Tea Leaf


Tea Leaf readings are ancient way to be able to divine the future and give insight on current life circumstances. Tea has been an enormous part of varying cultures and reading tea leaves goes back centuries. Through her Celtic roots, Courtney is honoring her ancestral tradition of seeing and utilizing this old form of spiritual divination as the Scottish and Irish have done for so long. Sit down with Courtney, have a cup of tea and let's see what the leaves say. Want to have a tea party with your friends? Let's see what the leaves say for you and your group!

Base Rate for In Person Private Tea Leaf Readings

1/2 hr. Reading - $75 (must be in eastern CT or at Courtney's home office.)

1 hr. Reading - $150 (must be at Courtney's home office and/or in central or eastern CT)

*Add a Mediumship Message (Card) to any tea leaf reading for $15.

Private Tea Party Rates - $175/hr with a 2 hr. minimum for up to 8 people. Groups/Rates Varied for a larger group (host or hostess will decide how long each guest's reading will be in allotted time space).

Other Group Events -- Have a unique idea in mind? Contact us and we'll make a special arrangements.

Tea Leaf Readings must be done in person -- as you must drink the tea so that it's personal to you! Courtney has a variety of teas for your preference -- Earl Grey, Oolong, Black Tea varieties, Gunpowder and Herbal concotions. You may add sugar, cream, milk or honey as you desire.

*Please note, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking any reading*