For centuries, people and their leaders have consulted seers, psychics, mediums and spiritualists for insights, advice and prediction on what's to come. Be it Nostradamus or someone within their own community, be it a King or Queen or every person, it was coveted to have someone to consult about spiritual messages, Spirit brings us the knowledge of who we are, where we've been and where we're going. In this monthly subscription, you will receive weekly personalized readings from angel cards, tarot cards, oracle cards and/or Norse Runes -- giving you the insight from your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. Each reading will be e-mailed with images and insights and in-depth explanations on what the messages are.  

If you are looking to also connect with loved ones who have passed in addition to your guides, you may select the option with a monthly mediumship message addition that will deliver messages from your loved ones who have passed on a monthly basis in addition to your weekly card/rune readings.

Subscriptions will be billed monthly and can be cancelled any time.

Spiritual Insights Subscription