An afternoon of tarot, oracle, angel card and tea leaf readings at Two Wrasslin Cats this coming Saturday, September 28th from 11-2. $1.00/min (typically about 20 minutes) -- Tarot and Angel cards; $2.00/min (typically 20 - 3- minutes) -- Tea Leaves. Tarot and Tea Leaves provide us insight on who we are, what we are going through and what's to come. Tea Leave are an ancient Celtic form of divination passed through generations. Your spirit guides and angels want the best for you -- so have a reading at your favorite local coffee shop and find out what's in store. Spirit Medium Courtney Reardon has been practicing for 6 years and has a long spiritual past and ancestral connection to seers. Readings can be booked any time via message to Courtney here -- please wait for confirmation. All open slots will be first come, first serve.

September Date TBA