Angel Cards, Tarot Cards and even Runes can provide great insight on a current situation or question you may have. They also bear messages from your angels and spirit guides. A card reading is a fun and connected way to receive some guidance on any aspect of life.

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Medium Readings

Medium readings allow you to contact with those who have crossed over -- be they someone you knew and loved dearly in this life, an ancestor or even a spirit guide. Through channeling Courtney will make contact with the spirits that surround you and deliver their messages of love and validation.

Courtney is a Spirit Medium who practices her craft in various ways in order to communicate with spirit. Be it through direct channeling or the use of angel cards Courtney will find the best fit for your reading and help connect you with the spirits that surround you.

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Courtney also provides gallery readings, attends parties to provide readings and gives speaking engagements. If you'd like to contact Courtney to schedule your special event, gathering or house walkthrough just contact us and we will help you sort out all of the details!